DOMNA S.A. was founded back in 1993 by a dynamic couple, Mr Ilias and Mrs Maria Chatzichristodoulou.
They have foreseen the vast development of the Greek market in the years to come and the formation of a wide middle class. As the middle class consumers were looking for higher quality and nicer design products, the company’s products captured a big market share, and DOMNA S.A. remains a key player in inland production.

The company has started cooperation with the well-known Greek Designer Michalis Aslanis, who was designing with the company’s in-house team and signing for many years the company’s collections under the brand “Vero by Aslanis”. His perceptions for designing, functionality and quality of the underwear outlived his death and are still guiding the company’s designing team to this day.

An important step into the company’s history was the development of its retail concept in 1994 and the decision to build a chain of stores under the company’s registered brand name “Vero-by Aslanis”. The company now operates 12 stores and 6 corner shops in mainland and in some Greek Islands.

DOMNA SA is still located in the outskirts of Katerini, looking at the notorious mountain OLYPMPUS, home of the ancient Greek gods. HQ, designing, production and warehousing are all located in the same area and are equipped with modern machinery and computerized systems.

In the past few years, the company has planned a development scheme that was planned and managed by the second generation, Mrs Domna Chatzichristodoulou, barer of the company’s name. As entering new markets is a key component of this plan, the company is currently seeking to expand its network of agents and/or distributors in countries of the European Union as well as Russia and the Arab world.

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